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Whether it's a forest created from our canopy of urban trees or the forest to come from our restoration plantings in sensitive natural areas, there is no doubt that the 600,000+ trees planted by Friends of Trees play a vital role our region's livability.

Given rising temperatures and all that we know about the cooling and cleansing effects of trees, it's easy to see how our work improves our natural environment. But what's equally compelling is the community-building that's such an important part of a Friends of Trees planting event: the trees we plant are actually planted by 6,000+ volunteers every planting season.

This is what makes Friends of Trees so incredibly special: trees + community + you.

There are literally thousands of Friends of Trees, thousands of people like you who donate time and money to make this work possible. Your dollars help us deliver a mission that is so important and healthy for our region and the planet: Planting trees. Together.

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Friends of Trees is an exempt organization under section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code.
Contributions to Friends of Trees are therefore tax deductible.

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