Hey! Yeah you!! Won’t you jump in and become a Neighborhood Coordinator for our 2018-2019 planting season?

Have you ever thought to yourself, “Hey, how does that Friends of Trees event happen in my neighborhood?” WELL, let me tell you that one huge puzzle piece is the fact that we have volunteers who sign up and train to become Neighborhood Coordinator in their respected neighborhoods. Whether you are in Arbor Lodge or Cully, there might be a few neighborhood coordinators or a neighborhood coordinating team ready to help support you! Perks about this role would be getting to know your neighbors young and old, insightful tree knowledge, and rocking our popular TREE TEAM t-shirt! Have I caught your interest yet? I hope so, but if not, my final push to have you consider this role is that you would be helping our organization plant hundreds of trees in your neighborhood with the goal of creating a cohesive and healthy community. Because YOU plus TREES equal VIBRANT communities.


Check out below some details about the role:

  • NCs are needed in neighborhoods where we plant various neighborhood trees: ‘hoods in Vancouver, WA and NE, SE, E Portland;
  • Bring neighbors together to meet one another, learn about our urban forest, and support them to plant or volunteer in some way;
  • Communicate with  local businesses through volunteering, raising money, or in-kind donations to support the annual neighborhood planting;
  • Engage community groups, schools and organizations to come out and get involved directly in their communities


Together, NCs and Friends of Trees staff guide our neighborhood plantings from beginning to end. No need to be an expert! Interested volunteers; you will be trained and supported throughout the planting that you will be coordinating.  Together with staff, you will:

  • Help coordinate one neighborhood planting per year (October-April);
  • Respond to homeowner inquiries by email & phone;
  • Make phone calls to homeowners that have not ordered their tree(s);
  • Solicit pick-up trucks or open trailer pullers from neighbors;
  • Recruit additional volunteers (Takes quite a bit of volunteers for one planting);
  • Solicit food/monetary donations from the community for breakfast/lunch;
  • Set up/coordinate breakfast & lunch for the volunteers on planting day
     Where we have the highest need for NCs


So where do you sign up? Click HERE to register for a training if you find yourself living in a neighborhood where we need new NCs. Not sure what neighborhood you live in? Type your address using this link HERE and you’ll find out in seconds what neighborhood you belong to. After you register, someone from our volunteer and outreach team will contact you with further steps about our NC role. Thank you readers for considering this important role with Friends of Trees.




== Pablo is our volunteer and Outreach specialist with Friends of Trees=